CubexSoft Data Recovery Wizard 4.0

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  • CubexSoft Data Recovery Wizard 4.0

    برنامج كامل لاستعادة البيانات من القرص الصلب (NTFS ، FAT) ويدعم أيضًا جميع محركات الاسترداد مثل IDE و SATA و USB خارجي.

    A Complete Software to recover data from Hard Disk (NTFS, FAT) & also supports all Drives Recovery such as IDE, SATA & External USB.
    Windows Data Recovery Software
    Grab benefits of Data Recovery Wizard to solve How Do I recover permanently deleted files from my PC? Query.
    Perfectly Recover & Restore Hard Disk data from exFAT, NTFS & FAT File System.
    Also supports all types of Hard Drive devices – SATA, FAT, External USB, etc. for quick data file recovery.
    Recover shift deleted, lost or corrupted data files from external & internal Hard Disk.
    Windows Data Recovery Software capable to restore lost Hard Disk data of any size.
    Effortlessly recover all types of Hard Drive data – music, videos, songs, documents, images &other data files.
    Capable for simply perform RAW data recovery from external & internal Hard drives.
    Perfectly restore lost data from computer, laptop & desktop system, etc.
    Recover formatted data from MBR & GPT hard disk partition.
    Capable to detect attached external storage device.
    Restore Hard Disk data with multiple languages option.
    Enables to recover data from formatted, deleted & corrupted data files from Dynamic disk.
    Highlights recovered data files with Red Color.
    Restore RAW partitions & Drives data which occur due to corrupt & inaccessible partition.
    Quick response for data recovery from EIDE, SATA & IDE devices.
    For Windows Data File Recovery, It supports all Windows OS supported machine – Win 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP, etc.
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