PresentationPoint DataPoint Standard / Enterprise 15.0.155

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    PresentationPoint DataPoint Standard / Enterprise 15.0.155

    Create real-time connections to nearly ANY data source for automatically updating presentations, information screens and digital signage. Update the content within your PowerPoint presentation with Excel, databases and text files by relying on this handy, powerful add-in.

    The Power of Visual Data
    A grid or spreadsheet of numbers and data are boring to most people other than mathematicians. This is why most data is better presented as infographics, graphs or charts. Visual content produces much higher engagement than text or numbers-only content.

    DataPoint lets you present your data visually – in REAL TIME!

    You can use DataPoint to create:
    - Infographics
    - Live Reports
    - Digital Signage
    - Info Screens
    - KPI Dashboards

    Automated Reporting
    Excel and databases are great to store data, but PowerPoint is made for presentations. Use PowerPoint to present your data in daily or weekly statistics. Always up-to-date and generation can be completely automated.

    Real-Time Shapes
    Establish connections to all kinds of data sources and display this information on your slides.

    Notice Boards
    Run a notice board on a television screen and show a dynamic presentation with real-time messaging, announcements, instructions, news and much more.

    Connect your presentation to an external data source like a database, XML file, RSS feed, Facebook info, news, weather, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, JSON, oData, Microsoft SharePoint, OLE DB and ODBC.

    Link your text box, table, chart, tachymeter or gauge to this data source to display real time information.

    DataPoint always displays the latest information in your presentation.

    Data scrolling
    Use data scrolling feature when you have more data than fits on one page.

    Enhanced rules and conditions to emphasize your information.

    Create snapshot presentations with disconnected data sources.


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