FX Draw Tools 20.1.15

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    FX Draw Tools 20.1.15

    توفر FX Draw قوية ، وسهلة الاستخدام ، بيئة رسم عالية الإنتاجية مصممة خصيصًا لمعلمي الرياضيات. قم بإنشاء رسومات تخطيطية عالية الجودة قابلة للتحرير للاختبارات والامتحانات وأوراق العمل ومواقع الويب والعروض التقديمية والعروض التوضيحية.

    Powerful, yet easy-to-use, FX Draw provides a high-productivity drawing environment designed specifically for mathematics teachers. Quickly create editable, high-quality diagrams for tests, exams, worksheets, web sites, presentations and demonstrations.

    FX Sketch, the freehand extension of FX Draw, lets you sketch mathematical diagrams and have them automatically converted to professional quality drawings that can be edited using the power of FX Draw.

    Efofex also provides FX Draw subscribers with three, free bonus programs that provide simplified access to some of FX Draw's powerful graphing and equation tools. You can use the bonus tools with students or to rapidly create equations for use in documents.

    Draw Anything
    FX Draw is the ultimate tool for drawing mathematics. Just about any graphic that a mathematics teacher will ever need can be drawn using FX Draw's highly specialized tools. FX Draw is incredibly efficient and versatile. Best of all, it is supported by people who have been in the classroom and know exactly what you need. With over sixty specialized tools, FX Draw makes drawing mathematics simple.

    Spectacular Graphs
    One of FX Draw's tools is the same graphing engine that you will find in FX Graph. This graphing tool can draw Cartesian functions, polar functions, slope fields, Argand diagrams, vector diagrams, 3D volumes of revolution, parametric relations, integrals, tangents and normals to curves and much more. Just remember that this is only one of FX Draw's tools!

    So Much More
    With specialized tools for drawing Venn diagrams, normal distribution curves, statistical graphs, tree diagrams, number lines bearings diagrams (and many more), you can always find the right tool to do the job. Check out the overview video and feature list below to see some more of the power of FX Draw.

    Graphics Everywhere
    FX Draw allows you to create graphics that can be placed just about anywhere. Our new Efofex Image ID system allows you to quickly edit graphics that you have created in just about any context. No matter which platform or product you prefer, FX Draw can draw what you need.


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