INE Integrating and using SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor with GNS3

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    • Sep 2018
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    INE Integrating and using SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor with GNS3

    This course is designed for learners who already have experience
    using GNS3 as well as at least a rudimentary understanding of
    SolarWinds NPM installation and usage. SolarWinds Network
    Performance Monitor (NPM) has always been a necessary tool to
    include in your network-monitoring-toolbelt, but have you ever
    considered how it could be paired with GNS3? For those with GNS3
    experience, pairing GNS3 along with a virtual-machine running
    SolarWinds NPM can be one of the best ways to familiarize
    yourself with all of the features of this product, without
    impacting live, production networks. This course begins with a
    basic overview of NPM hardware and software requirements, so you
    can get a single machine up-and-running that will host both your
    GNS3 simulated topology, as well as a virtual-machine running
    NPM. We then progess on to explaining details and requirements
    for creating your VM, and how to correctly associate this VM
    within GNS3 so they can recognize and communicate to each other
    You'll learn how to configure NPM to dynamically discover all of
    the devices within your GNS3 topology as well as any physical
    lab devices you may have. Finally, you'll learn about an
    exciting, new feature of NPM version 12.0 called NetPath
    services. You'll see how you can play with this feature within
    the safe confines of your GNS3 environment, as well as deep
    dives into how NetPath services actually accomplishes its task
    using Wireshark packet captures. Get the download and streaming
    version of this course for free by downloading a free trail of
    NPM 12! Course Duration: 2hrs 23min
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