Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition Update 2 build 19.11.2019

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    Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition Update 2 build 19.11.2019

    WaterCAD is used for the design and analysis of water supply systems, from simulating the operation of a system during fire fighting and checking water quality, to taking into account energy consumption and managing capital costs.

    WaterCAD is a turnkey solution that allows you to use it standalone, or in AutoCAD. Regardless of the platform used, WaterCAD software contains a single set of model data files for proper interoperability with each platform.

    The stand-alone interface provides easy-to-use model composition tools, complex structure background support, CAD, GIS and database conversion utilities, as well as an unlimited number of undo and restore layout operations. In addition, AutoCAD users can add AutoCAD integration features to create, layout and diagram models with precision accuracy in an environment that has already become familiar to them.

    WaterCAD users can use AutoCAD drawings to create a hydraulically coupled model with relationships between, databases, tables, and the model itself.


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