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    TextNow (MOD, Premium)

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    • Update:December 7, 2019 at 11:36 pm
    • Available at: Google Play

    If you are a modern person using normal apps, it will definitely turn to regular messaging apps like Messenger (Facebook), Direct (Instagram) and WhatsApp,… They have contributed to making the world connect more neatly and quickly. As such, users can contact many friends around the globe freely and for free. It makes this world more connected and closer. But according to the development trend, they will undoubtedly be old, and the descendants will be born continuously, just waiting for the day to be used by humans only. This is an inevitable trend in the world.

    Free Texting & Calling App

    TextNow is an application that is said to be the new generation of messaging widget released for free on Google Play. This has been entirely proved by a vast number of downloads. More than 10 million downloads and the number of its permanent users are also numerous. You will be comfortable using phone numbers from the US and Canada. When you use it in this area, there will be slightly more powerful utilities, but in general, there are not too many differences.

    Its interface has been optimized for messaging so you may find it more comfortable to use than the current applications. Thanks to the simple interface, you will not have to spend too much time to learn all its features. Just discover a little bit that you have mastered the most convenient things. But don’t think that this application is simple, continuous updates will change everything, so it becomes more and handier. Users will have to learn that often.

    Cheap International Calling

    The application will upgrade your communication process with many people with new gadgets like voicemail, videos sending, group chat, … so that you can really do this with all messaging applications robust today. But for “TextNow” everything is upgraded to maximize speed. If you want to invite someone to eat pizza, then feel free to text them, who you will immediately receive just an internet connection.

    The most outstanding feature of a messaging app is the stickers it owns. For conversations that use multiple stickers, make sure they always bring the most fun experience. Friends can express emotions without having to meet. Or even deliver messages quickly without having to enter data.

    Just like a messaging application, user security is the essential thing that needs to be addressed. “TextNow” gives you perfect peace of mind; it will create a protective layer. Users will have to issue a password to access the message items. Everything of your information will now be safe, and no one can exploit it anymore.

    One exciting thing about this application is that you will be allowed to make international calls at meager prices with your phone number. Usually, the price is less than $0.01 per minute even if you contact remote countries such as Afghanistan or Syria, … Of course, when you have spent some money, the quality is higher than free. It will give you a fast, stable and robust connection.

    MOD Info

    Premium features unlocked (cracked app) DOWNLOAD NOW (33MB)
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