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    Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

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    • Size:25MB
    • Update:December 14, 2019 at 10:57 pm
    • Available at: Google Play

    Now, we have a lot of solutions for listening to music on mobile. We have Apple Music, Spotify, Gaana Music and many other applications. Today, I would like to introduce to everyone a high-quality music player application, especially, it allows you to download unlimited songs on it. The form is called Deezer Music. This may be a prevalent name, but there are also many who do not know it. If you are a fan of music, skipping this app is a pity. On Google Play alone, the app has reached over 100 million installs. This is a huge number with a mobile application.

    Deezer Music also allows you to enjoy high-quality music on mobile. All of the songs on it are encoded at 320kbps, providing a high-end experience for those who are music fans, or those with a high musical score. For how particular your music preference is, it still meets all your needs. Over 43 million songs

    Come to Deezer Music Premium; you will enjoy a vast music store up to 43 million songs. From the newest genres of the genres that are no longer composed. From the 90’s to the recently released songs. All in this app Deezer has an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly search for their favourite songs by country, genre, or artist’s favourite album. Everything is so optimised that anyone can get started the first time you open this app.

    Other function

    Download and listen offline
    With just one click, you can download the entire album you are looking for. This is a great feature that the application brings to the user. This saves a lot of time for the user. Instead of listening to a single track, you can download the entire album you are listening to, or if you like, you can also download one song at a time. No problem. This feature is also available on Apple Music, but Deezer’s download speed seems a bit slower. In particular, after downloading, the file will be saved in the machine memory rather than encrypted as Apple Music, so after deleting the application, the songs you downloaded remain, and of course, You can listen to them anytime with a free music player built-in.

    Create a personal page, share your favourite songs with friends
    This is a premium feature that no other music player supports. With Deezer Music, you can create your custom profile, then share your favourite songs on it. You can even stream live music for your friends to enjoy. With Deezer Music, interacting with friends will be simpler than ever.

    Listen to live radio stations
    It gives users hundreds of different radio stations on the subject of music so that you can choose and enjoy the music played on it at any time. If you’re a driving person, owning this app to make your trip more fun is a must.

    With Deezer Music MOD Premium, you get some advanced features like unlimited music downloads on the app, exceptionally high-quality songs. Next, you can sign in to a lot of devices to listen and download. This is probably the most compelling feature that Deezer offers by some other music applications like Apple Music, Spotify only lets you listen and download on a single device. Finally, download this app if you are a musician or listen to music on your phone. It will follow you everywhere, accompany you all the time. Keep track of your mood to make the best suggestions. It will be a companion to you.

    MOD Info

    Visual ads blocked
    Audio ads blocked
    Song skipping enabled
    Seeking feature unlocked
    Song Selection in mix menu feature unlocked
    Unlimited shuffle feature unlocked
    Download any song feature unlocked
    Choose any song feature unlocked
    Add to Queue features unlocked
    Play Next feature unlocked
    Audio quality switches – Lossless audio (high fidelity) unlocked
    Repeats feature unlocked
    Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
    Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
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