Learn SoldWorks 2020

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    • Sep 2018
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    Tayseer Almattar - Learn SoldWorks 2020

    Tayseer Almattar holds a bachelor's (B.S.) degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Design (MDes) degree in international design and business management. He has 6 years of experience in corporate training, instructional design, and quality assurance training. He has also been an avid user of SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years and has published multiple online SOLIDWORKS training courses with about 15,000 enrolled students from over 100 countries. With this book, Tayseer has brought together his experience of design and training to produce a unique and practical SOLIDWORKS training experience in writing.
    SOLIDWORKS is one of the most used pieces of software for 3D engineering and product design applications. These applications cover areas such as aviation, automobiles, consumer product design, and more. This book takes a practical approach to mastering the software at a professional level. The book starts with the very basics, such as exploring the software interface and opening new files. However, step by step, it progresses through different topics, from sketching and building complex 3D models to generating dynamic and static assemblies.

    This book takes a hands-on approach when it comes to covering different tools in SOLIDWORKS. Whenever a new tool is introduced, we will go through a practical exercise of using it to create sketches, 3D part models, assemblies, or drawings. When required, we will provide you with supporting files that you can download in order to follow up on the concepts and exercises in your own time. If you are a complete beginner in SOLIDWORKS, it will be best to follow the book from start to finish, like a story. However, you can also jump between chapters.


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