Tiles Hop :EDM Rush! (MOD, much money)

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  • مشرف قسم الأندرويد
    • Nov 2018
    • 409

    Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! (MOD, much money) - a musical arcade rhythm in which you have to perform endless marathons for the selected tunes and compositions, while your task is to control the ball to try as accurately as possible to jump over moving cells. In this case, the rhythm, duration, dynamics of the game will directly depend on the selected composition. Visually, the project is made in the best traditions of the genre and will undoubtedly please all fans of this direction. Separately, it is worth noting that you can pick up the musical accompaniment yourself.
    Updated to version 3.0.1b!
  • VIP
    • Nov 2018
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  • الوسـام الماسـي
    • Feb 2019
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