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    • Dec 2018
    • 20

    Salam Alaikum
    Dears, Does anyone have one or more of the following books and upload it I will appreciate it so much

    Analysis and Design of FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures by Singh
    Reinforced Concrete Design 8th Edition by Chu-Kia Wang
    Reinforced Concrete Design 9th Edition by Abi Aghayere
    Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete by Loo 3rd Edition
    Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design by James K Wight 7th Edition Global Edition
    Fluid Mechanics in Si Units by Hibbeler
    Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics in SI Units 14th edition by Hibbeler
    Principles of Foundation Engineering 9th edition si units by Braja M. Das

    Thanks in Advance