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  • تحميل تطبيق Facebook (Fcb: v242. Apk+ Messenger (Msg: v236. Data

    تحميل تطبيق Facebook (Fcb: v242. Apk+ Messenger (Msg: v236. Data

    List of mods :

    * Hide "Suggested Posts" / "Sponsored Posts"
    * Hide the snapchat-wannabe "Stories" bar at the top of the news feed (if I wanted snapchat, I'd install snapchat, thanks)
    * Hide "People You May Know" from the NOTIFICATION area (and also in the main feed, for the time being)
    * Hide "Pages You May Like" crap (facebook's over-promotion of "Pages" is what caused me to start this whole mod in the first place)
    * Hide "Story you may publish" nonsense (I haven't seen this myself but others have, so I'm preemptively nuking this)
    * Hide "Top Stories From Your Groups" stuff (seriously, who actually wants to see this stuff?)
    * Hide "Popular Stories From Your Pages" / "Page Stories You Missed" / whatever that nonsense is called these days. (again with the pages... I know how to click on them if I care, thanks)
    * Hide "Suggested Products" / "Product Deals For You" nonsense (seriously guys?)
    * Hide "Invite your friends to join this group" (or whatever that spam-promption junk is called)
    * Hide "Groups You Should Join" / "Suggested Groups" (we are all capable of using the search box to find things we care about, thank you very much).
    * Hide "People You Should Follow" (really? are they serious?)
    * Hide "Products shown:" cards (please stop giving me ads based on object recognition in my friends' photos, thx)
    * Hide "Recommended from you from marketplace" garbage
    * Hide "Related Articles" crap from news feed when interacting with an article (trying too hard to hijack the content interaction flow)
    * Hide "Trending Topics" / "Topics to Follow" crap I think. I haven't seen this in a while but may as well hide it since it sounds useless.
    * Hide "Sale Groups Near You" nonsense (again with the pushing of sales. All we want to do is to organically interact with our friends, thanks)
    * Hide "Marketplace Stories For You" junk (again, people who don't care about your "Marketplace" aren't suddenly going to use it because you're pushing ads. If I cared, I'd click on the Marketplace icon. My refusal to use it is not for a lack of knowing where to find it)
    * Hide some junk that may potentially be related to place recommendations (though I always just deny location access to FB anyway)
    * Hide some things related to people on Messenger, maybe. Though some of these may still show up, facebook seems to respect your choice if you click the triangle and select "I don't want to see this."
    * Hide just about all "follow-up" items. Ie, "More from related pages" junk that happens when you interact with an outbound content item (I think). Again, stop trying to hijack my attention - I am perfectly capable of managing it myself
    * Maybe hide "Connect with Facebook" nonsense that sometimes appears (though I haven't seen this in a while and it's hard to prove a negative)
    * Hide ads interspersed throughout Instant Articles (though perhaps not the ones occurring after the articles)*
    * Hide "Related Articles" / "Popular from " in Instant Articles (now they're just trying too hard)
    * Hide "Sign up with your email address" junk from Instant Articles, at least at the TOP of the article (are you kidding me...?)
    * Partially hide some instagram upsells (yes, I know where to get instagram - I haven't been living under a rock). You might still see a post or two promoting instagram photos from friends, though this should be better addressed in the current release. This isn't super high on my radar right now, but I'll revisit it if I find a way to easily reproduce this. Otherwise, the risk of force-close using untested code isn't really worth it.
    * Kill the update nag screen. (we'll stick to the patched version, thanks).
    * Get rid of more "call-to-action" junk (install instagram, etc)
    * Get rid of the Groups tab (guys, your attempts to increase group engagement are seriously starting to backfire)
    * Get rid of the Marketplace tab (let's get something straight. our refusal to use marketplace has nothing to with our lack of awareness of marketplace)
    * Get rid of redundant Photo footer nonsense, etc.
    * Get rid of the "Up Next" countdown bar that appears after watching some videos (especially episodes). When I watch videos, I watch them for the content, rather than for knowing what comes after. Stop trying to hijack my attention by pushing the "next" video, before I'm even done watching the current one.

    Known issues:

    * "So-and-so likes " isn't hidden. I have no idea where to even begin looking for this type of thing.
    * Ads in Instant Articles might be hidden, but they might show up as lingering spinner boxes. It's hard for me to test this because most of these are served from external ad servers, and my phone has DNS-based ad blocking, so I can't test vanilla behavior without undoing that.
    * Some of the more random / annoying "attachment junk" (Learn More, Shop Now, etc) might not be hidden. These can have some text in them that may actually be useful to the post, so I'm hesitant to just nuke these
    * I haven't done manifest cleanup on this version (or the one before it, technically). That means stripping out annoying background services, location-related crap, bluetooth scanning, etc.

    Installation :

    Prior to installing, be sure to uninstall all other applications that are made by Facebook. This includes FB itself, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Page Manager, etc. These do not always cause installation problems (though they should). The problem is that all apps in the FB family use key-based authentication for data sharing. So since my modded app is signed with my key, all FB companion apps need to be signed with that key as well. I've included some of the popular ones below. You might also need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources. If you get an installation error, try installing with ADB and see what the actual error is.






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