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    ESSS ROCKY DEM v4.3.0 x64 + Tutorials
    ROCKY is a modern software for modeling processes with bulk materials and related equipment. The software product uses the Discrete Element Method (DEM), which allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the behavior of a stream of particles of various shapes and sizes when moving along conveyor lines, on vibrating screens, in mills, crushers and other types of processing and transport equipment .

    The ROCKY software product was created based on 20 years of experience in developing computational techniques using DEM technologies at Granular Dynamics International LLC, a division of Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. Further product development will be carried out within the Brazilian company ESSS. Initially, the development of the product took place in relation to the tasks of mineral processing, with a focus on calculating the movement of particles in cylindrical mills and continuous transport systems. With the release of new versions, the capabilities of ROCKY have expanded significantly, and allow you to perform a wider range of tasks, for example, calculating and visualizing the abrasive wear of working surfaces of equipment, calculating air flows arising from the movement of particles of bulk material during transportation, and much more.

    ROCKY differs from other software solutions using the DEM method primarily in the possibilities of using realistic nonspherical particles, simulating their destruction without loss of mass and volume, as well as calculating and visualizing abrasive wear of the working surfaces of equipment elements. Due to the ability to create realistic particle shapes that behave the same as real particles, taking into account the various “flow” conditions in ROCKY, one can simulate the operation of almost any installation.

    Bulk materials are widely used and processed in various industries for centuries. However, there is still a shortage of accurate information about their behavior in various conditions. In some cases, bulk materials behave as discrete solids, in others as liquids or even under compression like gases.

    There is a growing need to create a reliable prognostic model of the behavior of bulk materials, taking into account the impact on equipment elements, thereby ensuring the solution of design problems when upgrading or creating new innovative equipment.

    The simplest case of particle-to-structure interaction (PSI) involves the transfer from a DEM solver (for example, Rocky) of a set of data on the force loads of particles of bulk material onto structural members. ANSYS solver (or another FEM - solver) provides the calculation of the response of the structure to the force impact of the particle flow.ROCKY contains a fast and accurate algorithm for performing joint calculations by the DEM and FEM methods for mismatched computational grids.


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