MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for Autodesk Revit 2019

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    MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for Autodesk Revit 2019

    MagiCAD for Revit is an advanced information modeling solution for building internal engineering systems that has been successfully used in more than 80 countries around the world. MagiCAD offers powerful design tools and integrated calculations to quickly create accurate and realistic BIM models of engineering systems. MagiCAD presents more than a million BIM-models of engineering equipment from world manufacturers. Each model has the exact geometry and the necessary set of technical data, which are used to model systems in MagiCAD for Revit and carry out calculations.
    MagiCAD Ventilation
    Ensuring clean and healthy indoor air exchange is one of the most important tasks in modern buildings. Often, increased requirements for energy conservation and air quality can contradict each other. MagiCAD Ventilation for Revit is the optimal solution for any task in the design of ventilation systems. The MagiCAD Ventilation solution contains built-in calculation functions such as flow summation, cross-section selection, balancing, acoustic calculation and specification creation.

    MagiCAD Piping
    MagiCAD Pipelines allows you to design and calculate heating, air conditioning, water, sewage, fire fighting and gas supply systems. MagiCAD Piping solution offers convenient functionality that helps save system design time, as well as built-in calculations, including cross-sectional selection and system balancing.

    MagiCAD Power Supply
    MagiCAD Power supply is a modern solution for information modeling and creation of projects of power supply systems, lighting and low-current systems of different levels, as well as the formation of single-line circuits. MagiCAD provides users with access to an online database that contains a wide range of electrical equipment with accurate dimensions and all the necessary technical specifications. Equipment specifications can be created for individual rooms or floors, as well as for the entire building.

    MagiCAD Schemes
    MagiCAD Schematics makes it easy and efficient to create schematic drawings in Revit. MagiCAD Schemas also synchronizes and exchanges data between schematic drawings and the model. MagiCAD Schemes not only creates a scheme, but also makes it possible to associate the symbols on it with the corresponding equipment in the project and then synchronizes the parameter values. Synchronization of properties between symbols and components ensures the relevance of data in diagrams and drawings throughout the project.

    MagiCAD Sprinklers
    MagiCAD Sprinklers is a comprehensive solution for the design and calculation of fire systems, which combines the functionality of MagiCAD in the field of drawing design with the capabilities of an integrated intelligent calculation module. Calculation in MagiCAD Sprinklers can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the world's leading standards EN 12845, NFPA 13, CEA 4001 or BS 9251: 2014.

    MagiCAD Support & Suspension
    MagiCAD Supports and Suspensions provides a simple and effective design of support and suspension structures for ducts, pipelines and cable trays. MagiCAD Supports and Suspensions allows you to simulate support and suspension systems using both standard components and products from specific manufacturers. The user can customize and optimize any suspension or supporting structure according to specific conditions, for example, using available structural elements of a building as a support. The design of support and suspension structures is carried out in a single environment of the information model simultaneously with the design of engineering systems and structural elements of the building, which allows an estimate of the cost based on the model, saving time and money, identifying possible problem areas at the design stage. The functions of conflict detection and spatial analysis will help to identify possible intersections of various components of the model and improve the work of coordinating the project and resolving issues related to the need for additional space. MagiCAD Supports and Suspensions offers an integrated BIM solution that enables comprehensive and effective coordination of the work of designers, contractors and building owners. The use of support and suspension structures in the workflow of building information modeling and the ability to verify selected options even before the start of the construction phase can significantly reduce the overall project implementation time. In addition, all MagiCAD modules include common tools - a set of smart features for increased productivity and collaboration.

    System Requirements:
    OS:MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for Revit operates on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems.

    MagiCAD for Revit runs on Revit software which is developed by Autodesk, Inc.
    MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for Revit 2019 requires a 64-bit version of Revit 2019.

    MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 is compatible with Revit versions 2017-2019 including Revit update packages 2019.1 and 2019.2.

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    Can you please explain How to install and crack it ?thank you very much
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    pour revit 2020 y a il une version
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    Can you please explain How to install and crack it ?thank you very much
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