Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 7th Edition

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    • Sep 2018
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    Edward Allen, Joseph Iano - Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 7th Edition

    Edward Allen and Joseph Iano’s Fundamentals of Building Construction has been the go-to reference for thousands of professionals and students of architecture, engineering, and construction technology for over thirty years. The materials and methods described in this new Seventh Edition have been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest advancements in the industry. Carefully selected and logically arranged topics?ranging from basic building methods to the principles of structure and enclosure?help readers gain a working knowledge of the field in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand manner. All major construction systems, including light wood frame, mass timber, masonry, steel frame, light gauge steel, and reinforced concrete construction, are addressed.

    Now in its Seventh Edition, Fundamentals of Building Construction contains substantial revisions and updates. New illustrations and photographs reflect the latest practices and developments in the industry. Revised chapters address exterior wall systems and high-performance buildings, an updated and comprehensive discussion of building enclosure science, evolving tools for assessing environmental and health impacts of building materials, and more. New and exciting developments in mass timber construction are also included.

    This Seventh Edition includes:
    125 new or updated illustrations and photographs, as well as 40 new photorealistic renderings
    The latest in construction project delivery methods, construction scheduling, and trends in information technology affecting building design and construction
    Updated discussion of the latest LEED and Living Building Challenge sustainability standards along with expanded coverage of new methods for assessing the environmental impacts of materials and buildings
    Expanded coverage of mass timber materials, fire resistance of mass timber, and the design and construction of tall wood buildings
    Revised end-of-chapter sections, including references, websites, key terminology, review questions, and exercises
    Fully-updated collection of best-in-class ancillary materials: PowerPoint lecture slides, Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, Interactive Exercises, and more
    Companion book, Exercises in Building Construction, available in print and eBook format

    For the nuts and bolts on building construction practices and materials, Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 7th Edition lays the foundation that every architect and construction professional needs to build a successful career.

    Wiley, 2019
    pdf, 943 pages, english
    ISBN: 978-1-119-45024-5

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