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    Gemvision Training Material for Jewelry Designers - Matrix 3DRhino

    Gemvision Training Material for Jewelry Designers

    English | WMV3 1200x800 | MP3 20 Kbps | 7.45 GB

    Genre: Video Training

    The following product description appears to be ESL or translated via algorhythm, make of it what you will. From what I gather these are a series of training videos for Matrix 3D/Rhino 3D jewely modelling. I uploaded this to fill a request.


    Product Description:

    Professional CAD / CAM plug Rhinocoros, designed specifically for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry, simply indispensable for designers working on the computer. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand and figure out how to run the program, which highlights the design and modeling, are reduced to a set of management postroiteley.Postroiteli - this time to keep the menu simple step by step with the administration, allowing the user to modify all the parameters of the elements. Interfaces provide a change management project in real time on screen in immediate response to user actions. Computer design is transformed into an interactive modeling process, the changing speed of the imagination of the designer. Program whose specialist to create highly realistic models of jewelry.

    These tutorials are suitable for those who have completed primary, intermediate, and Advanced Matrix training.

    Instructional materials related to Version 5.4 and 6.0, covering Primary


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