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    devCad Professional 3.01i

    devCad Professional is a program that addresses both beginners and advanced users who need to draw, measure, arrange, manage and edit 2D models.

    Includes various objects to be used in mechanical and CAD projects
    The application comes with a user-friendly environment with most of the GUI dedicated to the working area. While you can create objects from scratch, you should bear in mind that the app packs several models for architecture, electronic, aero model and mechanical projects. To be more precise, depending on the nature of your project, you can add already made engines, gears, outdoor objects, hinges and other similar parts.

    When adding an object, you can specify the insertion location, rotation angle, scale and other attributes. In case you want to keep track of the actions performed on a given project, then you can check out the command area at the bottom of the interface. Moreover, if you are familiar with commands, this is where you can add extra actions.

    Enables you to create 2D model drawings smooth
    In addition to the objects, you can draw all sorts of lines and shapes as well as set anchor points for axes, mirroring objects or ellipses. At the same time, you can use the embedded tools to design polygonal shapes, circles, smart shapes, spine-like lines and arches.

    The program includes advanced tools that you can employ to enhance the drawing speed and efficiency, such as creating a pattern of points for controlling angles, alignments and spacing. Other noteworthy advanced features include polar snap, ortho, radial, raster and custom object snap. The latter can be used to set or relocate the anchor points or objects.

    A handy tool for designing 2D objects for architecture projects
    All in all, devCad Professional is a straightforward utility that packs numerous tools to help you analyze, measure and create models for your architecture and mechanical projects.

    Feautures :

    General features
    Supported elements
    Modify functions
    Cam Functions


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