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    devCad Learning Edition 3.01i Multilingual

    devCad Learning Edition is an advanced tool for 2D modelling that offers you a comprehensive working space and professional drawing instruments. The software is multi-functional, allowing you to draw, measure, arrange objects, create regions or modify models, while working in a user-friendly environment.

    A software that facilitates 2D model drawing
    devCad Learning Edition allows you to draw a multitude of shapes, lines and set anchor points for ellipses, axes or mirroring objects. The software offers several tools for designing polygonal shapes, arches, circles, spline-like lines, or smart shapes.

    The multiple types of object snap facilitate object placement and anchor point setting. The software offers polar snap, raster, grid, ortho, radial or custom object snap. These functions are dedicated to enhancing the drawing speed and efficiency, by creating a pattern of points for controlling the spacing, angles or alignments.

    Pre-made objects for architecture and mechanical models
    devCad Learning Edition is a suitable solution for drawing 2D aeromodels, architecture, electronic or mechanical models in a short time. The software also offers several pre-made objects, such as engines, hinges, gears, outdoor objects or other parts for each specific type of drawing.

    For each pre-made object you insert, you may specify its insertion point, scale and rotation angle. The software also supports command line management, which you can use from its interface. The command area at the bottom of the main window displays each action performed in a project and allows you to manually enter commands and speed up the drawing process.

    Efficient drawing, measuring and analyzing tool
    devCad Learning Edition is a convenient drawing instrument, since it facilitates speedy and high-quality model creation. The software also offers analysis tools, for measuring distances, areas or ID points. It is a suitable 2D drawing software for both beginners and advanced users, since it offers professional tools and allows you to work in a user-friendly environment.

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