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    GO2cam/GO2designer v6.06.210 (x64)

    GO2cam CAM for the formation of control programs: milling, turning, EDM GO2cam is specifically designed for machining and is compatible with all major CAD systems. GO2cam was designed to reduce programming so as to increase machining efficiency.GO2cam has an intuitive user interface that allows software to be used by production workers who are not necessarily CAM specialists: a simplified and ergonomic user interface for intuitive use.
    The software offers tremendous time savings and ease of use. Numerous experts have been involved in developing the solution to find a way to work simply. Milling:
    -Design Parametric functionality

    Wireframe geometry, Solid modeling and plan creation.
    -Powerful 2D and Solid tolerance module
    -Standard tolerances of shape and holes
    -Topology modification
    -Updating processing in case of changes
    -Ability to read tolerances from a solid model

    Standard cycles:
    -Pocket (including additional processing and GUS functions)
    -Outline (and additional processing), grooves, chamfers, thread milling
    -Holes (Cycles from point to point)
    -Plunger milling (pocket and contour)

    Solid body milling
    -Easy and quick solid machining,
    -direction selection on solid body,
    -Procurement management
    -Management of undercuts,
    -Recognition of the bottom, radii and so on.

    3D automatic milling:
    -Draft cycles,
    -Finishing cycles,
    -Iso-parametric cycle Turning: Design
    -Shaft creation: associative and parametric 2D.
    -Special CAD construction for turning and Turning and milling technology, creation of machining work plans Processing
    -Roughing and Finishing
    -5 Grooving cycles
    Cutting, Auxiliary operations
    -Processing control
    -Milling operations with axis C
    -Milling cycles for axis C and turning and milling.

    GO2cam & GO2designer v6.06.210 Win64 Release
    year / Date:2019
    Developer:GO2cam International
    Interface language:Multilanguage
    Tabletka :is present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
    System requirements:Windows 64-bit

    x64 Bit System


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