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    SAPROTON NormCAD. v11.3.x86.x64

    NormCAD performs calculations of building structures in accordance with SNiP and prepares design documentation for submission to the customer and to the examination authorities:

    calculation of steel structures (calculation of beams, columns of continuous and composite sections, corrugated board and truss units from bent profiles);
    calculation of reinforced concrete structures (calculation of beams, columns, walls and slabs: selection of reinforcing bars, cross-sectional testing - including T-joints and I-beams, oblique eccentric compression, calculation of round columns and columns with distributed reinforcement, crack resistance, deflection check, calculation for crushing and punching);
    calculation of stone and reinforced-stone structures (checking sections - rectangular and T-sections for central and eccentric compression, tension, shear, crack resistance and crushing);
    foundation calculation;
    heat engineering calculation (resistance to heat transfer and vapor penetration of walls, coatings, ceilings and translucent structures).
    other construction and engineering calculations.

    The main advantage - today it is the only program in which the calculation is executed in the form of a text document (in Word format), similar to that created by an experienced designer manually, which makes it easy to control any part of the calculation.

    About the new in version 11.3 *


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