ModPlus v8.1.4.1

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  • المسؤول الفني
    • Sep 2018
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    ModPlus v8.1.4.1

    ModPlus is a modular software, which is an addition to computer-aided design software (CAD) systems such as AutoCAD, Revit, etc.

    ModPlus consists of several separate components:

    The configurator is the foundation of ModPlus. It is used to configure plug-ins, configure menus, select the binding of your version, etc.
    The auto-update module is a specially developed module that monitors and updates ModPlus components in automatic mode. The auto-update module also allows you to install updates or missing components offline (without access to the internet)
    Working libraries are libraries (* .dll) required to connect ModPlus to AutoCAD / Revit, as well as auxiliary libraries and third-party libraries.
    Databases - contain information on assortments, materials, etc. Databases are made in the form of dll libraries and are used by some plugins for AutoCAD.
    The dwg base is a special database of files in the * .dwg format used by the dwg Base plugin.
    Plugins are the plugins themselves in the form of single dll libraries.

    Such a breakdown allows you to update ModPlus components independently of other components, which in turn leads to the main advantage - you do not need to wait for the entire ModPlus to be updated. For example, you found a bug in some plugin and informed the authors. And tomorrow you and all other users will be able to get a new version of the plugin with a fixed bug (of course, this is subject to the availability of opportunities for developers). Such features are no longer in any software!


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