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    SketchFX Ex 2.1.2 for SKetchup 2019

    SketchFX – SketchUp Artistic Rendering in 1-Click. SketchFX, SketchUp Artistic Rendering, adds artistic rendering to SketchUp. No learning required. In just one click, you will create beautiful previews of your models, choosing among a wide range of customizable presets (watercolor, pencil, depth-of-field, motion-blur and many more).

    SketchFX Pro:
    extensive list of predefined custom rendering effects;
    AmbientOcclusion integration;
    tons of filters to create your own effect: hue-saturation-value, brightness-contrast, gamma-exposure, blur, radial blur, bloom, fog, depth of field, vignette, artistic paint, image from file, scene, style and constant color, scene transition, masks.

    x64 Bit System