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    كتب موضوع COVERmat 1.5.0

    COVERmat 1.5.0

    COVERmat 1.5.0

    COVERmat is an application designed to help you speed up the design of a wood-plastic composite or wooden floors.
    Its a CAD application that helps you graphically plan out the layout and design of the floors you want to cover and then generates the extracts for the materials that are needed.

    COVERmat displays a user-friendly interface but it’s controls are a bit different from other similar applications so it takes you a couple of minutes to get the hang of it. Exploring the application’s features, you quickly get to see that it allows you to define materials, create the actual layout plan for the floor and then displays the shapes and sizes of the required flooring segments.

    Drawing the actual plans is an easy task as the application only uses a polygonal line tool to create the contours that you need. This though attracts attention to the fact that COVERmat can only process shapes that have straight lines, you can't add circles or ellipses to your design but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker since very few floors have round edges.

    With COVERmat, the material tiles that you define can be placed at custom angles if you want to create a certain pattern and you can also adjust the longitudinal and edge joint dimensions, along with the transverse shift. The elements that make up the floor are automatically rearranged and place at exact distances between them.

    The shapes that you draw and fill with textures are not locked after you finish editing them. Any of them can be manipulated and resized by simply pulling the corners. Every change you make, is automatically updated in the cutting section of the application which offers you a view of the shape for each board that goes into the floor.

    In closing, COVERmat is by all means a handy tool that can certainly reduce the time it takes you to design a floor plan and view the amount of material that is required which in turn translates to a cost effective process.

    Camera Module Assembly.
    Conformal Coating.
    Encapsulation Materials.
    LED Protection.
    Optical Display Assembly.
    Peelable Maskants.
    Potting Compounds.

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    COVERmat هو تطبيق صمم لمساعدتك في تسريع تصميم مركب من الخشب والبلاستيك أو الأرضيات الخشبية.
    إنه تطبيق CAD يساعدك في التخطيط بشكل تخطيطي لتصميم وتصميم الأرضيات التي تريد تغطيتها ، ثم يقوم بإنشاء مقتطفات للمواد المطلوبة.

    تعرض COVERmat واجهة سهلة الاستخدام ، لكن عناصر التحكم فيها مختلفة بعض الشيء عن التطبيقات الأخرى المماثلة ، لذلك يستغرق الأمر بضع دقائق للحصول على تعليق. استكشاف ميزات التطبيق ، سرعان ما تكتشف أنه يتيح لك تحديد المواد وإنشاء خطة التصميم الفعلية للأرضية ثم يعرض أشكال وأحجام شرائح الأرضيات المطلوبة.

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