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    hsCADView is a powerful application designed to enable you to view, modify, plot, print, zoom, pan, rotate and measure 2D/3D Cad Files (DWG, DXF, DWF,DXB). Convert between various document types (DXF, DWG, DWF, and DXB) and versions (r12 - r24, AutoCAD 2000, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010) and export to images (JPEG, BMP), and PDF files.

    Full support for drawing layouts is included. Users can select an "active" layout and then export it to PDF or image. Plot style file support allows for easy mapping of colored drawings to printable PDFs or Images. Measure lengths and areas with our intuitive tools.

    Open current and legacy CAD drawings for your viewing needs
    Open, Import, and Save drawings in industry-standard file formats: dwg, dxf, dxb, dwf
    Export drawings to: pdf, bmp, svg
    Print/Plot drawings
    Access Application defaults and settings
    Auto Save / Auto Recover ability
    Context sensitive help window
    View in 2D and 3D
    User Interface

    An Intuitive User Interface:
    Drawing Window
    Tool Ribbon
    Snap Toolbar
    Command Line and Notification Pane
    Layer Pane
    Property Tree Pane
    Unique Grid Options:
    Dynamic grid that scales according to drawings unit family
    Traditional static lined or dotted grid

    Multiple Viewports:
    Model-space Viewport
    Tool Snaps Based On User Selection
    Snap to grid and to polar direction
    Snap to entities at the following points: end, mid, intersection, center, insertion, nearest, node, parallel, perpendicular, quadrant, tangent
    Paper-space Viewports
    Work With the Assistance of Intuitive Tools:
    Tool Interaction
    Three different ways to provide tool input; tools can be used with the mouse, the property tree, and command line interface
    "Notify Window" gives context-sensitive instructions, and feedback
    Real time entity overlay provides a visual aid that guides you through each tool process

    View Manipulation Tools:
    Zoom to Window
    Zoom In / Out
    Zoom Extent
    Snap to standard orthogonal and isometric views
    Divide Viewport
    Standard Viewport presets
    Pan, Zoom, and Rotate via mouse at anytime

    Rendering Tools and Modes:
    View 2D Wireframe
    View 3D Wireframe
    View Hidden Lines
    View Flat Shaded
    View Gouraud Shaded
    View Flat Shaded with Edges
    View Gouraud Shaded with Edges
    Measure Tools:
    Measure Distance
    Measure Area
    Measure Angle

    Coordinate System Tools:
    Preset User Coordinate System (UCS) View Snaps
    Rotate UCS
    Translate UCS
    Align UCS to Entities
    Align UCS to WCS
    Library Tools:
    Manage All Libraries
    Manage Blocks
    Manage Colors
    Manage Dimension Styles
    Manage External References
    Manage Hatch styles
    Manage Image Definitions
    Manage Layers
    Manage Layouts
    Manage Linetypes
    Manage Multiline Styles
    Manage Named Views
    Manage Plot Settings
    Manage Text Styles
    Manage User Coordinate Systems
    Manage Viewports
    Optional unique cursors show you which tool is activated

    Entity Selection Tool:
    Select entities with selection filters such as color, layer, entity type, count, and relation to UCS plane
    View selection's common properties
    Modify properties across the entire selection


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