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    ان لايت للتعديل على نسخ الويندوز NTLite Enterprise:

    NTLite is a new development from the author of such famous programs as nLite and vLite. Like its predecessors, NTLite is designed to modify the distributions of the Windows operating system. If predecessors worked only with Windows: XP | Server 2003 | Vista, then the novelty is designed for Windows: 7| 8 | 8.1 | 10
    NTLite is addressed to experienced users and includes the widest range of possibilities for modifying the standard Windows distribution by removing unnecessary components, including additional components and setting a number of parameters. You will get a unique distribution kit aimed at specific needs or just to significantly reduce its size. For example, you can remove unnecessary user localization, pre-installed drivers, programs, etc., or conversely integrate downloaded system updates or drivers.
    Unlike nLite and vLite, NTLite allows you to modify an already installed operating system and remove unnecessary components.
    Another difference between nLite and vLite - NTLite has become paid, and very expensive. The free version has limited functionality.

    x64 Bit Systemx32 Bit System

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