GeoStru Stratigrapher v2014

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    GeoStru Stratigrapher v2014

    STRATIGRAPHER enables the construction of stratigraphic columns for geologic or geotechnical usage and further the documentation of well construction. User form design is enabled through the provision of a document template editor. The resultant documentation model(s) can be stored for reuse. Thereafter the selection of documentation format is by the selection of templates.
    On the document, adjacent columns, user selected by choice of template, present the lithologic, lithotypes and exploration characteristic recorded during trial borings or well construction characteristics.
    Bitmap patterns are inserted directly from supplied libraries whose background and texture images may be user updated and personalized.
    The program permits simple modification of the elevation level of lithologic properties and the insertion of the standard trial results obtained during borings (Packet, Vane, sampling and Phreatic water table etc.)
    The document so produced may be saved as well as printed directly and the saved copy may be used permits their export and insertion in the profiles of other GeoStru programs (compatible with existing programs such as Slope Stability Analysis)
    User language selection.


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