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    برنامج يمكنك أن تشفرالملفات لحمايتك و بسهولة
    البرنامج يسمح لك ان تشفر / تفك شفرة / تقطع / تعمل ملفاتsfx باستخدام قوة لقائمة سياق مستكشف ويندوز مايكروسوفت العادية ! يندمجAEPE في قائمة السياق و يسمح لك أن تعمل مع ملفاتك المهمه بنقرة واحدة .
    Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional is a powerful security tool which is impossible for intruders to break and easy for owners to use.
    This is an intelligent encryption tool which uses some military grade encryption algorithms like DESX, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL(AES), CAST, 3-DES, RC2, DIAMOND2 and many more to protect your private files. The receiver of your files need not have the program loaded onto their systems in order to decrypt the files. They can access your files using the ‘self decrypting versions’ that you create. The file shredder totally wipes the original files so that it cannot be accessed by any other than the intended receiver. It is based on the public-private key cryptography.
    It is highly compatible with Windows Explorer allowing you to view its actions on the context menu without running a separate program.

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