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    T26 Melico: 2 Weights designed by Amond? Szegi
    Size: 188kB
    T26 Metalhead: 1 weight designed by Yohannes Camps-Campins.
    Size: 66kB
    T26 Unda Series 1 Winall Commercial FontSet Unda Series #1 includes 5 Weights
    Size: 920kB
    Bitstream - Davida (WinALL Commercial Font-SERiF)
    Bitstream Egyptian 505WinALL Commercial FontSet
    Andre Gertler created the typeface family Egyptian 505 in 1967, together with his lettering class at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel. In fact, the number "505" in the typeface family's name refers to the school's classroom number 505, where the work was done.
    Egyptian 505 is a slab serif style family; during the 19th Century, slab serif types were commonly referred to as "Egyptian"-style faces. G?rtler designed Egyptian 505 in the strain of Adrian Frutiger's famous Egyptienne typeface; Gertler and Frutiger worked together on many occasions during their careers.
    The type family is well suited for many uses, including magazines, brochures, text composition, business cards, newspaper advertising, book jackets, slides, menus, slides, posters, manuals and catalogues.
    Egyptian 505 won the first Visual Graphics Corporation (VGC) type competition.
    Size: 153kB
    Linotype - Gando (WinALL Commercial Font-SERiF)

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