Structure Point Collection

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  • Structure Point Collection

    Structure Point Collection

    spBeam v3.50
    spColumn v4.81
    spFrame v1.50
    spMats v7.51
    spSlab v3.50
    spWall v4.02

    spBeam – for analysis, design, and investigation of reinforced concrete beams, joist and one-way slab systems.
    spColumn – for design and investigation of rectangular, round, and irregular concrete columns including slenderness effects.
    spFrame – multi-purpose structural modeling and finite element analysis package for two- and three-dimensional buildings and structures with robust, straightforward, quick yet simple interface.
    spMats – for analysis, design and investigation of concrete foundations, mats, combined footings, pile caps, slabs on grade, underground and buried structures.
    spSlab – for analysis, design, and investigation of elevated reinforced concrete beams, joist, one-way, two-way and slab band systems.
    spWall – ror analysis design and investigation of reinforced concrete, precast, ICF, tilt-up, retaining and architectural walls.