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  • تحميل ألة حاسبة Fx Calculator 570 991 - Solve Math by Camera 84 v4.3.0 (Final) (Premium) Apk

    Fx Calculator 570 991 - Solve Math by Camera 84 v4.3.0 (Final) (Premium) Apk

    Complex calculator & Solve for x TI-36 TI-84 Plus is a Education android app made by LisyThien that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
    Complex calculator & Solve for x TI-36 TI-84 Plus Simulator for Texas Instruments scientific calculator, Complex number, calculus, hyper calculator for student
    ☑ See math exactly as it appears in textbooks
    See math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions exactly the way they appear in textbooks – no need to adapt to a technical syntax; also provides quick access to frequently used functions.
    ☑ Easily solve equation, polynomial and system of linear equations, solve for x calculator
    ☑ Determine the derivative and integral for real functions
    ☑ Perform vectors and matrices using a vector and matrix entry window
    ☑ Scientific notation output
    View scientific notation with the proper superscripted exponents and see the output in scientific notation
    ☑ Explore fractions
    Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators.
    ☑ Calculate conversions
    Fraction/decimal/Mixed fraction/Repeated decimal
    ☑ Factor integer, prime factor
    ☑ Sum, product
    ☑ Div mod calculation
    ☑ Square root, sqrt, cube root and nth root
    ☑ Polar coordinates
    ☑ BASE-N decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary calculator
    ☑ Logarithm base n and natural logarithm
    ☑ Trigonometric and hyperbolic function
    ☑ Memory: 8 free variable and up to 14 variable on premium version
    ☑ Convert decimal to fraction
    ☑ Scientific constants
    ☑ Unit conversation
    ☑ Determine the limit of function
    ☑ Infinity
    ☑ Built-in document
    ☑ Combination, binomial and permutation
    ☑ GCD, LCM
    ☑ Statistical and regression
    ☑ Convert polar coordinates to rectangle
    ☑ Round number
    ☑ Copy and paste expression
    ☑ Random integer, random real, random number
    ☑ Pi constant
    ☑ Ans memory
    ☑ History
    ☑ Decimal format: science, fixed, normal, science SI
    ☑ Full keyboard and simple keyboard
    ☑ More theme
    ☑ Support change fonts
    ☑ Secondary keyboard for premium user
    ☑ Support most of features of TI-30XS Scientific Calculator, TI-34 Scientific Calculator, TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator, TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator, texas instruments calculator ti30, texas instruments ba ii plus financial calculator, Graphing Calculators, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-83 Plus, TI-Nspire, TI-89 Titanium, TI-73 Explorer, TI-503 SV, TI-1706 SV, TI-1795 SV, TI-10, TI-15 Explorer, TI-108
    ☑ Wabbit calculator & wabbitemu calculator, grafncalc83 graphncalc83
    ☑ Emulator for Casio fx 570 fx 991 es plus