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    Laravel 6.0 Vue.js SPA Bootstrap Admin Starter Kit

    roject also uses jQuery in it. Login Details

    Admin User: **

    Staff User: ** What is Laravel 6.0 Vue.js SPA Admin Starter Kit?

    Everything which you need to start a Laravel Project!

    Laravel is the most popular PHP framework since since its inception. Vue.js is new but its gaining lots of attention from all over the world since last 2 year. You can generate some awesome apps by combining Laravel & Vue.js.

    There are many Laravel+Vue.js starter kit available but none of them are complete enough to get started. Some lacks with basic functionality like authentication, some with sample CRUD module, some with responsive layout etc. I tried to create one starter kit with some basic features like authentication, registration, user profile with a sample task module which is built on latest version of bootstrap.This script can be handy enough for your new Laravel+Vue.js project & will surely speed-up your project development time. If you are working first time on Laravel+Vue.js or learning Vue.js then this is perfect script to get started.

    Instead of developing your project from scratch, you can choose to start with our script & use the basic features with few clicks. You will also get a responsive bootstrap 4.1 theme by (Wrappixel.com) to give awesome experience to you/your clients.

    This script will be updated regularily with latest version of framework & plugins. Please share your feedback, feature request which will be surely implemented in upcoming versions. The code is well commented, follows PSR-2 coding standard and uses Laravel Repository Pattern. It is written with love by *.

    Here is the example:

    What are the pre-requisites to install this script?

    Here are list of pre-requisites which is required to install this script:
    • PHP 7.1.3
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension

    The script supports REST Api with example documentation, Here is screenshot of API documentation:

    What does it include?

    Here are list which is included in this script:
    • Built with Laravel 6.0
    • Vue.js 2.6.10
    • Responsive Bootstrap 4.3.1
    • REST Api
    • Speed-up development with Laravel Mix-Webpack
    • Browser Sync
    • Support Sass
    • JSON based authentication, Uses tymon/jwt-auth
    • Single Page Application (SPA), Uses Vue Router
    • Vuex for data flow
    • Pagination
    • Datepicker
    • Content Security Policy
    • Laravel Telescope
    What modules are available with Laravue Starter Kit?

    Here are list of pre defined components which is available in this script:
    • Autosize Textarea
    • Date Range Picker
    • File Upload Input
    • File Upload Progress
    • HTML Editor
    • Upload Image

    Here are list of modules which is available in this script:
    • User Authentication
    • Social oAuth
    • Reset Password
    • User Registration
    • User Activation
    • Account Approval
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Screen Lock
    • Login Throttle
    • Reset Password Token Lifetime
    • Login Lifetime
    • Password Strength Meter
    • User List
    • User Profile
    • Change Password
    • User Avatar
    • Sample Todo Module
    • Private Message
    • Database Backup
    • IP Filter
    • Maintenance Mode
    • Multilingual
    • RTL Support
    • Date/Time Format & Timezone
    • Activity Log
    • Email Log
    • Custom Email Templates
    • User Roles & Permissions
    • Multiple Mail Drivers
    • Nexmo SMS Api


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