Best PDF Tools 3.5 Multilingual

OCR, Scan, Edit, Convert PDF, PowerPoint and DOC

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    Best PDF Tools 3.5 Multilingual

    أفضل أدوات PDF عبارة عن برنامج متعدد الإمكانات لتحويل PDF ومعالجته وتحسينه وتعديله. يتيح لك البرنامج تحويل تنسيقات الملفات الشائعة إلى PDF والعكس ؛ لدمج أو تقسيم ملفات PDF. يمكنك تعديل بنية الصفحة أو إضافة علامات مائية أو اقتصاص أو قص أو استخراج أو إزالة الصفحات المحددة. هناك أيضًا العديد من الأدوات لتشفير ملفات PDF وتوقيعها وحمايتها.

    Best PDF Tools is an all-in-one software for PDF conversion, processing, optimization and modification. The program allows you to convert popular file formats to PDF and vice versa; to merge or split PDF files. You can modify the page structure, add watermarks, crop, trim, extract or remove selected pages. There are also several tools for PDF encryption, signing and protection.

    How It works?
    - Download the Best PDF Tools to your computer, install it and run.
    - Add the files into the "Sources" page of the program.
    - Open the "Tools" page and select the operation you want to perform.
    - Adjust the settings and start processing.
    Main Tools:
    - Convert PDF to images: make image from every page of PDF document, and save to JPEG, BMP, EMF or TIFF format.
    - Convert pictures to PDF: convert photos, images or scanned papers to PDF document.
    - Extract content: convert PDF files into the plain text and extract image objects from your document.
    - Convert Word, RTF, text files to PDF: convert your Doc, DocX, RTF, TXT into the PDF format.
    - Convert PDF to Word: easily convert your PDF files to .DOC format.
    - Convert Excel to PDF: Turn your Excel sheets to PDF document.
    - Merge or split: Merge multiple PDF documents into the single document. Or divide PDF onto several files.
    - Rotate pages: You can rotate selected pages to any angle.
    - Crop pages: Cut out the selected area on the pages of PDF document.
    - Extract pages: Save specified page(s) as separate document(s).
    - Remove pages: Delete unwanted pages from your PDF file.
    - Apply watermarks: Add text or graphic watermarks to the pages of PDF.
    - Encrypt/decrypt PDF: Set user permissions for your PDF files. Protect with password, or decrypt protected PDFs.
    - Set metadata: Change the document properties, such as Title, Author, Subject etc.
    - Sign PDF document: Add digital signature to your PDF document.
    - Protect PDF from copying: unique method to make it impossible to copy/extract data from your PDF.

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