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    FIDES SlipCircle v2012.177

    Stability computations in the Geotechnics with the Kinematic Element Analysis Method (KEA)
    The conventional stability proofs in geotechnics (earth pressure determination according to DIN 4085, embankment stability, ground failure, sliding circle according to DIN 4084, shear failure according to DIN 4017 etc..) depending upon situation indicate often too small or too large safety against stability because of insufficient accuracy of the failure figure. This is already the case, if concentrated loads, geometrical constraints, lubrication lay-ers or the like cause the formation of sliding surfaces, which cannot be represented by the simplified failure mechanisms as suggested by the standards. With the help of the Kinematic Element Analysis (KEA) arbitrary failure mechanisms can be modelled and optimized and thus most geometrical situations can be modelled correctly.


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