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    DS SIMULIA Suite 2019 HF5 (Abaqus/Isight/Fe-safe/Tosca) Update Only x64

    Software Abaqus or ABAQUS product of the French company Dassault Systèmes under the brand SIMULIA one of the most powerful software CAE (stands for Computer Aided Engineering and means of engineering by computer), and in particular, analyzed by computer (Computer Aided Analysis) is an analysis method element or finite element ( Finite Element Method and briefly FEM) provides. Using Abaqus solve a variety of problems, from simple to complex modeling linear, nonlinear analysis will be possible. Since ABAQUS a modeling tool and a general analysis and extensive, its use is limited to the analysis of problems of solid mechanics (stress-strain) is not possible array of issues, such as heat transfer, mass diffusion, management and thermal analysis of electrical components, issues soil mechanics and also studied.

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