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    CppDepend 2019.2.0.23

    CppDepend هو برنامج متطور يساعدك على إدارة ترميز مشروع C و ++ C وتحسين هيكلها. يمكن لهذا البرنامج قياس جودة تطبيقاتك وعرض معلومات مفيدة في شكل رسوم بيانية وخرائط شجرة. تم تصميم هذا البرنامج للمطورين المحترفين ، ولكن نظرًا لتصميم واجهة بسيطة ومحددة ، يمكن للمستخدمين المبتدئين الاستفادة منه.

    CppDepend is a sophisticated program that helps you manage your C and ++ C project coding and improve their structure. This software can measure the quality of your applications and display useful information in the form of graphs and tree maps. This software is made for professional developers, but due to its simple and specific interface design even beginner users can benefit from it.

    The CppDepend software uses several different methods to analyze your projects to help you find the best way to improve your code. This program is capable of analyzing the number of classes and methods declared in a class and examines various factors. CppDepend also lets you view and compare all your project changes. Code dependency cycle analysis is another feature of this utility.

    Features of CppDepend Software

    Manage C and C ++ projects
    Measuring program quality
    Analyze codes and display useful information to correct or improve them
    Using different factors to analyze projects
    View all project changes and compare them
    Code dependency analysis cycle

    System Requirements CppDepend



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