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    PTC Mathcad Prime

    Mathcad Prime Usage Information
    Mathcad is used to perform, document, and share computing and engineering calculations. Mathcad allows you to combine engineering-oriented mathematical records, formatted texts, graphics and images into a single document, which facilitates the visualization, verification and documentation of knowledge and joint work. When you enter equations into a document, the results are calculated automatically.

    Mathcad is reliable and has all the functionality necessary for computing, data processing and engineering calculations.Mathcad allows you to take derivatives, calculate the roots of equations, analyze data, solve systems of equations and ordinary differential equations. When you change any number, variable or equation, an instant recalculation of all data in the document is performed.With Mathcad, you can easily convert units from one system to another. Mathcad helps you find errors made in the units used in your calculations. Units are supported in functions, graphs, and arrays.Data can be imported from Excel spreadsheets, analyzed and exported back to Excel. Mathcad integrates seamlessly with other PTC engineering applications. Mathematical calculations can be transferred to Pro / ENGINEER and the results applied to structures. You can use the Windchill Workgroup Manager program to distribute documents and calculations.

    PTC Mathcad Prime Win64 Release
    Year / Date:2019
    Version :
    Developer:Parametric Technology Corporation
    Interface language :Multilanguage
    Tabletka:Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD -SSQ)

    System requirements :
    OS:Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8.1 / 10 64-bit operating system
    CPU:Pentium® II processor 200 MHz
    Memory:512 MB RAM
    Space:2 GB free hard disk space
    Extra:Acrobat Reader® (available on disk) CD-ROM drive

    size 836MB

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