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    Pythagoras CAD+GIS v16.00 x64

    Today, many special programs are available for a surveyor, and often for a beginner surveyor the question arises - which program to start with? It should be understood that the "ideal" program you find does not shine. You can find statements on the Internet like “I only work in GeoniCS, CREDO, AutoCad” - but this is nothing more than private opinions. Each of the programs is designed to solve a specific range of problems. What is suitable for the cadastral engineer will seem to suck the surveyor-surveyor or someone who works on a construction site.

    Therefore, we immediately outline the range of tasks for Pythagoras CAD:

    x64 Bit System

    الحجم ٩٠ ميجا مرفق الكراك ارجو قرائة تعليمات الكراك