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    CityGML2CAD v1.6.3

    presenting the edited models as 3D PDF or as an interactive 3D Web application based on WebGL technology.

    As an extension to Trimble SketchUp, CityEditor allows you to import CityGML models and other geodata into SketchUp. When importing data, the CityEditor takes over building and terrain models, aerial photos, vector data and object metadata from various file formats. The CityEditor also provides tools for displaying and editing object hierarchies and attributes in the CityGML-specific application schema.

    The import module of the CityEditor imports the following data types / file formats

    Object / building models from CityGML and .dxf files (3dFace, Solid, PolyfaceMesh)

    Object / building metadata from CityGML

    126 Mb