برنامج نمذجة المياة الجوفية FIDES Flow v2011.187

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    • Sep 2018
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    برنامج نمذجة المياه الجوفية للاخوة المهندسين المختصين.

    يمكن لبرنامج FIDES Flow إجراء العمليات الحسابية لتدفق المياه من حالة الثبات أو تدفق المياه العابرة، والجريان والكميات والسرعات فضلا عن ضغط المياه.

    اسم البرنامج
    FIDES Flow v2011.187

    الحجم: 24 MB

    Calculation of steady state or transient water flow

    The devastating water catastrophes (in Germany) of the last few years sensitized officials and engineers to the stability issues of dams and dykes. The planning engineers ask for easy-to-use tools that helps them judging the influence of the water that flows through the soil.

    FIDES Flow can easily perform the calculation of steady state or transient water flow, the free water surface, the streaming quantities and velocities as well as the water pressure in plane sections. The results can be visualized and used for stability calculations in other programs of the FIDES Geotech-nics Series. Thus, FIDES-Flow will not be used as a standalone program, but as an extension module for other programs as e.g. FIDES-KEA, FIDES-SlipCircle, FIDES-EarthPressure.


    حجم البرنامج 24MB
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