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    Tower Numerics tnxFoundation v1.0.7.8 beta

    tnxFoundation is a standalone application for tower foundation design. It may be used as an extension of tnxTower, or as a separate program. tnxFoundation features automatic import of support geometry and load data from tnxTower analyses. Alternatively, this information can be entered manually for each foundation design project.

    Key Features
    • Multiple foundation types (Pad and Pier, Pad, Caisson, Pad with Piles, Pad and Pier with Piles, Mat and Piers, Mat, Mat with Piles, Mat and Piers with Piles)
    • Material and geometry type definitions
    • Soil layer definitions
    • Imported or user-defined load cases and load combinations
    • Foundation geometry optimization
    • Foundation stability verification
    • Required reinforcement determination
    • Post-installed anchor analysis
    • Reports with calculation results
    • Import of tower support data (monopoles, self-supporting lattice towers, guyed towers, guy anchor blocks)
    • Supported unit systems: US and Metric
    • User-editable databases (concrete, reinforcing steel, steel pile, soils)
    Powerful Design Capabilities
    • Complete verification of failure modes: bearing, sliding, uplift, and overturning
    • Concrete footing analysis and design: flexure, one-way and punching shear, geometry optimization
    • Concrete caisson analysis and design: flexure, compression, uplift, lateral loads (Broms, p-y), geometry optimization
    • Pile and pile cap analysis and design: single pile and pile group compression/tension, pile axial capacity, pile cap flexure, one-way and punching shear, geometry optimization
    • tnxFoundation caisson diagrams
    Extensive Analysis and Design Reporting
    • Geotechnical and structural design reports
    • Summary and detailed reports for all foundation types
    • Shear, moment, and deflection diagrams for caissons
    • Clear and comprehensive presentation of the results
    • MS Word and PDF formatted documents

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