Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training Course

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    Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training Course
    This Adobe InDesign tutorial is people wanting to up-skill their
    typography, color theory & graphic design abilities.

    What you’ll learn

    You will be able to earn more using these new InDesign skills.
    You will create multiple designs for you to use in your Portfolio.
    You will be able to add ‘Advanced InDesign User’ to your CV.
    Create PDF Forms
    Master Long Documents
    Advanced Fonts
    70 lectures 5+ hours of well structured content
    Create Charts & Infographics
    Create Interactive Documents
    Workflow Tactics
    Shortcuts & Speed Tips
    Advanced Creative Cloud Features
    Tips for working with Photoshop & Illustrator
    Exporting, Prepress & Printing tricks
    How to use InDesign scripts
    Downloadable exercise files & cheat sheet
    Forum support from me and the rest of the BYOL crew
    Techniques used by professional graphic designers
    A wealth of other resources and websites to help your accelerate your career
    You will practise font grouping & font pairing.
    Create Nested Styles
    Create Grep Styles
    Create Next Styles
    You’ll create new colors for you layers using color themes & color modes.
    Professional color proofing for print & web.
    You’ll update default fonts, colors & hyphenation.
    Create image grids.
    Create illustrations using the drawing tools in InDesign.
    Build stylized first paragraphs.
    Build headings that span columns.
    Split bulleted lists within a paragraph.
    Create large table based designs.
    Add video to your documents.
    Add buttons & interactivity to your PDF documents.


    You will need a copy of Adobe InDesign CC.

    Basic knowledge of InDesign is required. I recommend watching my InDesign Essentials course before this course.
    If you already know how to add text, images and do basic design in InDesign then you are perfect for this course.



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