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    Weto VisKon 13.1

    VisKon - The New Generation of Visual Construction. VisKon the PARAMETRIC 3D CAD/CAM software FOR MAKING WOODEN ROOFS AND HOUSES most EASY and INNOVATIVE.

    Your full 3D CAD/CAM solution for Construction Industry. From the idea (Planning) to the realisation (Finished Project)! VisKon® by WETO is a BIM/CAD/CAM Software for Timber Construction, that allows to create simple or complex timber Roofs (with dormers, sky windows, chimneys), and porches, pergolas, carports, stables, etc. with framing, so Timber Framing Buildings (with Studs, Plates, Noggins), Block Houses and Massive (as XLAM). VisKon automatically creates Technical Drawings and CNC that you expect for production.
    “Nomen (est) Omen”, that means “Name is Omen”. As Latin said, people name is an Omen that explains what is it and what it does and we can apply this mindset about VisKon name that means Visual Construction (Konstruktion). Since first version, the software target is to create the Easier Software Solution as possible that avoids typical problems of 2D planning (as the mistakes, lacking…) and difficulties of the others 3D software. The result is a 3D visual builder composed by several and specific 3D tools that are designed to be easy and fast for any kind Timber Construction that you want to plan and to build.

    This module allows to plan any Timber Covering type and to create free constructions without struggling. Roof and Dormer Wizards offer a large option choice of wooden items letting to increase design time and quality. You can also decide to change or to add manually details without time losing. Each tool is well conceived to be complex and easy at the same time. Roof Editor manages whether main wooden structure as rafters (hip/valley), purlins (inferior/middle/ridge), collar ties/beams and the light one (battens and boards). Each timber piece can be exploded as Technical Drawings Automatically Dimensioned for production. Timber lists, as well are computed by a simple click.


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