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    قطعة بسيطة وفعالة من البرامج هدفها الرئيسي هو مساعدتك في إنشاء عروض الأسعار والفواتير وإدارة المستحقات بسهولة. لاحظت كيف يتم ملء الإيصال بجميع أنواع الرموز والأرقام ، والتي ربما لا تفهمها إلى جانب التكلفة. إنها جميعًا نتيجة لقاعدة بيانات جيدة التنظيم ، حيث تمثل معظم الرموز منتجًا أو طلبًا أو حتى موقعًا للتخزين. إذا كان عملك يفتقر إلى مثل هذا التطبيق ، فقد ترغب في تجربة CraveInvoice.

    A simple and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to help you easily create quotations, invoices and manage receivables. You notice how a receipt is filled with all kinds of codes and numbers, which you probably don't understand besides the cost. They're all a result of a well-organized database, with most of the codes representing a product, order, or even shelf location. If your business lacks such an application, you might want to give CraveInvoice a try.

    Additionally, users can send invoices to clients via email, set up automatic alerts for low inventory and manage business expenses related to administration and/or travel. Users can run several accounting reports, including trial balance, balance sheet and profit statement, and can import data from Microsoft Excel and export data to CSV and/or PDF files.


    Create service invoice or sales invoice with professional invoice templates. Print, Email or export invoice to PDF.

    Generate professional looking estimates for items that you sell or for services that you offer. Convert estimates to invoices.

    Prepare customer receipts for all invoices. Keep track of advance receipts and mark it against invoices later.

    Easily prepare supplier purchase orders. Keep track of pending and received items from suppliers.

    Keep track of items in your inventory. View stock ledgers and stock statements. Get minimum item inventory alerts.

    Make bill payments to your suppliers by using bank, credit card or cash journals.

    Easily record all business expenses for travelling, food, office stationery and so on using expense journals.

    Bank and Cash
    Manage bank account transactions for multiple bank accounts. Keep track of cash receipts and cash expenses.

    Use multiple currencies for sales invoice and purchase invoices and post the accounting records in local currency automatically.

    Multi-user access
    Use the software in multi-user mode by creating multiple users and give user permissions to each data entry form and reports.

    Import and Export data
    You can import your data from excel spreadsheet. Export data to PDF and excel spreadsheet.

    Keep your business at your fingertips with various reports for sales, purchase, expense and inventory costs.



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