تطبيق لمحكاة مدينة كاملة بالتفاصيل الدقيقة Esri CityEngine 2019.0.5403

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    تطبيق لمحكاة مدينة كاملة بالتفاصيل الدقيقة Esri CityEngine 2019.0.5403

    Esri has released CityEngine 2019.0, the latest version of the procedural 3D city-generation software, overhauling the interactive design tools and extending its CGA procedural modelling language.

    Esri CityEngine 2019 - Release notes

    CityEngine 2019.0 makes it possible to export data in glTF format, improves export to Unreal Studio, adds support for Oculus Rift headsets in VR output, and revamps the Houdini and Maya plugins. In addition, the old Basic edition of the software has been discontinued.

    CityEngine 2019.0 also updates the software’s drawing and transformation tools, making “numerous performance improvements”, and improving workflow when drawing 2D arcs, or drawing polygons on terrain. There is also a new Subtract Boolean tool for 2D shapes.

    CGA, the software’s procedural modelling language, gets a range of new operations, including rectify, for aligning buildings at strict 90-degree angles, and resetGeometry, which can be used to repeatedly generate geometry from a single starting shape. You can find a full list of new CGA operations here.

    In addition, CGA can now be used to read in data from text formats such as CSV files, and gains new material attributes to support PBR workflows.

    In related news, CityEngine can also now import or export in the increasingly popular glTF format for exchanging data for real-time 3D applications, including the PBR material attributes of glTF 2.0.

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