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    This networking video training with James Conrad covers networking fundamentals with Microsoft technology, including LANS, switches, and more.
    If you're a student, faculty, or staff member of a qualified educational institution, and you're new to IT and networking, this is the place to start. Microsoft's 98-366 certification tells employers that you know how to set up and administer basic networks and have a good foundational knowledge for higher level network administration.
    This series shows you how to create good network design, and explains how wireless networking and network equipment (particularly layer 2 and 3 switches and routers) work.
    By the time you've finished watching this series, you'll be ready for the certification exam and know how to perform basic server administration for a small business or department.
    Topics include:
    - Series Intro
    - Network Infrastructure Concepts
    - Local Area Networks
    - Wide Area Networks
    - Wireless Networking
    - Topology and Access Methods
    - OSI and TCP Models
    - Switches
    - Routers
    - Media
    - IPv4
    - IPv6
    - Name Resolution
    - Network Services
    - Remote Access
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