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    Audition CC Audio Effects

    In this course you'll learn how to manipulate every interface of each audio effect included in Audition CC. Make your final project better by understanding how to enhance the audio and give your audience the pleasure of professionally produced sound.

    Audition CC provides you with a wealth of audio effects that can help enhance your projects. In this course, Audition CC Audio Effects, you will learn how to use each of the available audio effects in Adobe Audition. Many people look at the list and recognize “compression,” “EQ,” and “Reverb,” but there are a lot more, and they are very useful. Effects are valuable for polishing your recordings and turning out professional materials. This course covers the application of each of the stock effects so that you can decide which you need in any given circumstance and know exactly how to use them. First, you'll explore amplitude and compression. Next, you'll dive into learning about noise reduction and restoration. Finally, you'll wrap up the course by learning all about time and pitch. After watching this course, you’ll know how to enhance your audio, using this as a reference on available stock effects, why they exist, and how to use them in every situation. Software required: Adobe Audition CC.

    Dan Anderegg
    About the author
    Dan Anderegg is a composer, professor of music technology, and an audio engineer. He’s worked on major television shows and short films and has a passion for sharing the tips and tricks he learns with others.



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