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    Free license for Glarysoft Malware Hunter Pro for one year. The program is an anti-virus scanner with an engine based on Avira technologies and is used to detect and remove various types of malicious programs.

    With Malware Hunter Pro, you can quickly scan your computer and, if detected, remove even persistent malware. In addition, built-in system optimization utilities will help* and* your computer. The professional version of the* allows you to configure automatic anti-virus scanning on a schedule and maintain additional security for your computer along with the existing* .

    How to get Malware Hunter Pro for free

    1 . Go to * , enter your email address, confirm " I'm not a robot " and click the " Get My Key Now " button . 2 . In the received letter, follow the link and create an account. 3 . * and install an anti-virus scanner. System Support : Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / 2000 / XP 32 or 64-bit 4 . Activate by entering your mail and received license key.

    Malware Hunter Pro License Features

    • Free updates for the whole year of use.
    • Provided for three computers.
    • There is no free technical support.
    • For private use only.

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