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    كتب موضوع 30Days to Learn jQuery

    30Days to Learn jQuery

    30Days to Learn jQuery

    Tutsplus : 30 Days to Learn jQuery 2012 (news updated 28/02/2012) English | mov 435 kb/s | 1280x800 24.00 fps(r) | aac 94 kb/s (eng) | 1.61 GB
    Genre: Video Training

    Hi, my name is Jeffrey Way. So here's the thing: you know you need to learn jQuery! When IT's far and away the Most popular javascript Library in the World, and is Easily the Most Often Requested Technical skill by Employers, IT Clearly Makes perfect sense to DIG in, and learn the Library. If you Promise to Give Me fifteen minutes a Day , for an entire month, then I promise that you'll come out the other side as a jQuery pro.

    Day 1: Hello jQuery
    Day 2: Not So Fast, jQuery
    Day 3: The Basics of Querying the DOM
    Day 4: Events 101
    Day 5: Events 201
    Day 7/6: Bind ... Live ... Delegate ... Huh?
    Day 8: Creating Appending and Content
    Day 9: Slides and Structure
    Day 10: The Keyword this
    Day 11: Modifying Effect Speeds
    Day 12: Creating Custom Effect Methods
    Day 13: Full Control With animate
    Day 14: Homework Solutions
    Day 15: The Obligatory Slider
    Day 16: Prototypal Inheritance and Refactoring the Slider
    Day 17: Your Questions Answered
    Day 18-19: $. Each and Templating
    Day 20: Say Hello to Handlebars
    Day 21: The Twitter API
    Day 22: Filtering with jQuery.grep
    Day 23: Custom Events and the Observer Pattern
    Day 24: Loading Pages Asynchronously
    Day 25: Interacting with the Server-Side
    Day 26: PHP and jQuery - Part 1
    Day 27: PHP and jQuery - Part 2
    Day 28: Deferreds