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    Video2Brain-PHP 5.3-English version

    Video2Brain-PHP 5.3-English version
    Genre: eLearning

    PHP 5.3 Advanced web application programming. Learn the nuts and bolts of advanced web application programming! Join Edward Tanguay as he dives into PHP programming. In his workshop, you will learn that it only takes a few minutes to get an Apache web server, a MySQL database, PHP 5.3, and the Eclipse editor up and running using the free XAMPP installation tool. Edward will then cover the PHP syntax, such as operators, loops and variables, before moving on to make you a PHP expert, tackling object orientation, databases, XML parsing, web services, security and much more. The training also includes important new features of PHP 5.3, such as namespaces, lambdas, and late static binding. Once you complete this video training, you will have the skills you need to build next-generation dynamic websites.
    Installing XAMPP 07:28
    Installing Eclipse 11:10
    Eclipse Basics I 08:18
    Eclipse Basics II 09:59
    PHP Basics
    Variables 09:24
    Operators 07:39
    Conditionals 10:06
    Loops 03:50
    Functions 06:36
    Arrays I 08:02
    Arrays II 07:04
    Strings 07:23
    Dates 09:37
    Math 08:29
    Building a Library with External Files 11:15
    Object-Oriented Programming
    SmartUrl Class: Constructors, Public Methods, Private Variables 03:44
    SmartUrl Class: Adding Parameters (Public Method) 07:31
    SmartUrl Class: Properties 08:48
    SmartUrl Class: Static Methods 11:07
    Inheritance 10:36
    Interfaces 07:44
    Regular Expressions
    Validating Text (preg_match) 07:06
    Finding All Matching Text (preg_match_all) 03:35
    Splitting Text (preg_split) 02:28
    Replacing Text (preg_replace) 06:47
    Building a Form 08:43
    Building a Form Process Page 13:00
    Validating a Form 15:13
    Building a Complex Form 10:31
    Building a Complete Process Page 20:47
    ******s and Sessions
    Setting and Reading ******s 07:01
    Checking If Client Supports ******s 03:59
    Saving and Reading Session Variables 08:09
    MySQL - Reading Data 08:05
    MySQL - Writing Data 04:15
    SQLite3 - Reading Data via PDO 07:41
    SQLite3 - Writing Data Using PDO 08:44
    SQLite3 - Protecting SQLite Databases 08:07
    Reading XML with SimpleXML 04:35
    Reading XML with XMLReader 09:31
    Reading XML with SAX 18:50
    Reading XML with DOM 07:46
    Writing XML with XMLWriter 06:14
    Appending Elements to XML with DOM 05:15
    Web Services
    REST: Building a Theme-Oriented Search Machine 12:15
    NuSOAP: Building and Consuming a Web Service 10:19
    Protecting Online Files 05:10
    Cross Site Scripting 05:15
    SQL Injection 09:28
    Writing to Files 05:32
    Reading from Files 04:08
    New Features in PHP 5.2
    Input Filtering Basics 05:26
    Input Filtering Advanced I 05:46
    Input Filtering Advanced II 11:44
    Encoding and Decoding JSON Text 02:41
    Create and Unpack ZIP Files 08:08
    New Features in PHP 5.3
    Namespaces 08:59
    Lambdas and Closures 05:25
    Late Static Binding 02:56
    New Function: array_replace 02:49
    New Function: parse_ini_string 03:53
    New Function: date_add 04:22
    Other New Functions 03:28



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