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    أقدم لكم درسا من Udemy في مجال تعلم برنامج Excel (مستوى متقدم)
    أتمنى أن تستفيدوا منه. الدرس باللغة الانجليزية. في انتظار حصولي على درس في نفس المجال بالفرنسية.
    عنوان الدرس هو:
    First Steps to Advanced Excel

    Contents and Overview
    This course contains 28 Lectures and 1,5 hours of content, most is secreencasting also presentations, and documents to study.
    In Functions and Formulas Sections, you will learn how to use Excel skills better and other several ways to reach the result. Macro and VBA will give you totally a new way to accomplish your tasks. More flexiable, reliable and automated.
    This course is for intermediate excel users, who want to improve his knowledge to advanced level. Also, advanced users are welcome to refresh their minds. New Excelers can learn much about what Excel is possible to fulfill, and i am sure that this course will encourage them to learn and use Excel
    You have some tasks which takes too much time, work load and possible errors, you will not to worry about those after this course.



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