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    Build a Match 3 Game with Unity

    Match 3 games are simple puzzle games where the player is asked to pair three or more identical items on a tiled game board. Popular modern variations include Candy Crush and Bejeweled. Unity is ideally suited to this kind of game design, and it's a great entry point to more complex kinds of game development. This training course is here to help you complete your own match 3 game.

    Game developer Kelley Hecker covers topics like creating a grid-based game board, using inheritance to create different types of game pieces, adding obstacles and new levels, detecting matches and clearing pieces, and implementing a user interface complete with a score screen. By the end of the course, members will have a completed game and learned new techniques to apply to their next Unity project.
    Topics include:

    Creating a game board grid
    Creating and scripting game pieces
    Filling the board
    Creating obstacles
    Swapping pieces
    Matching pieces
    Clearing obstacles and pieces
    Creating new levels
    Creating the user interface: HUD, game over screen, etc

    The Game Board
    Make a Move
    Special Piece Types
    Level Types
    User Interface


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